Tom Dodson

November 2nd, 2019

Creating a blog in the cloud using React and Gatsby

Hello from the cloud

Over the weekend I was wondering how I could get a website into the cloud with the least amount of work possible.

In my mind there were two obstacles.

  1. Get a hello world app in the cloud.

  2. Find a good way to develop the app.

I first searched for how to get a site into azure and stumbled upon a tutorial that gets a SPA in the cloud in a few minutes using azure blob storage.

It really was only ten minutes to get hello world in the cloud.

  1. sign up for free azure account

  2. create storage account and resource groups for a static site

  3. download the azure storage vs code extension

  4. create a hello world SPA and build it

  5. Use the azure vs code extension to deploy a static site

Making the site look better

I found this useful tutorial for creating an app using Gatsby which is a static site generator using graphql and react.

I basically watched the tutorial at 3x playback speed then followed along most of the steps to get this blog up and working.

I created a contentful account and have integrated the rich text field areas for these blog posts.